New Zealand West Coast Guided Week

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Where trout die of old age… An interesting catchphrase that is used on the West Coast of NZ, but it is true. It is literally the forgotten side of the island, with not enough people or tourists to even come close to denting the trout population… and the countryside is breathtaking!

In conjunction with local guide Brent Beadle, the week is split into 3 days sight fishing from the boat on the lake edges, and 3 days on foot on the rivers or lake edges, so a brilliant option or compromise if the legs don’t carry you as they used to, but you still love the sight fishing aspect that NZ is so famous for!

We have dates set from in November/ December, which is perfect for chasing that trophy fish, with a bit more water around and less angling pressure. it is a great time of year to be on the West Coast!

February is cicada time, caddis and dun hatches, with literally no one around! Then late season March is sight fishing to dun feeders.

Plus we can arrange trips at any other dates from October to April… Just grab a couple of mates and we are on our way!

Flying in and out of Christchurch on a Saturday, Groups on 1 or 2 are with Brent all week, 3 and 4 also have an HFFA guide/ Host to accompany you on your adventure!

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