Riverworks X Wader


Riveroworks X Series Waders

The X Series Waders have 5 layer legs and seat with a 3 layer body.

These durable and breathable waders set a new standard in fishing gear, designed to beat the elements. Integrated gravel guards, strategic seam placement for reducing wear and the advanced Hydrafuse Submerge technology give these waders the edge at a price point that makes them accessible to a wide range of anglers.

Riverworks have added style and functionality to these waders, which sets them apart from many of the offerings on the market today. Small details like casting cuffs under the arms allow for increased movement and comfort for those long days of casting, line mending and of course landing. Laser cut belt loops keep the all-important wading belt in place, the adjustable top of the waders makes them a perfect fit and the water resistant front pockets provide accessible storage.

The X Series Waders are designed to get you there and back, time after time.

The X Series Waders are designed for the big km days. These have all the features you are looking for. Articulated knees with the seams on the outside of the leg to create ease of motion and added long life. Duraprene soled neoprene socks which resist compression day after day. Laser cut belt loops to ensure the belt is secured should you slip. 2 water resistant front pockets to keep your gear dry even in the rain; they also have a small inner dry bag for the goodies that just can’t get wet.Available in a huge range of sizes to get that perfect fit.

*Due to so many sizes available in store and limited number of certain sizes, if order size is sold out we will contact you with alternatives*

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