Gavin Hurley Fly Fishing WorldWe opened our new store in 2016, after we saw a need for a genuine specialist Fly Fishing store in the heart of New Zealand’s famous Southland region.

Lumsden, the true hub of trout fishing in the south, surrounded by rivers known worldwide, and awed by all Kiwis, the Oreti, the Mataura, Waikaia, Waiau, and throw in a few spring creeks, sight fishing lakes like the Mavora, and all of a sudden you get to understand why we just had to put the best fly shop right in its heart.

However, we weren’t going to settle for any old run of the mill fishing shop, it was going to be New Zealand’s largest Fly Only store. So no spin rods or hooks and sinkers, no bait or smokers, not even a whitebait net or a rack full of hunting rifles. No, our store was just going to fully service the need of every Kiwi Fly Fisher, in every format.

We started with over $100,000 of flies, yes that number is correct, all tied on branded hooks, using USA tying materials, from a Fair Trade Fly Tying company, for a range that would rival the fly selection of any trout store in the world, in reality we would need to put a few of those together to even come close. Although we didn’t just get every random pattern known to man, we have specialist Kiwi fly patterns, specific to the region, and specific to New Zealand.

We added lines, leaders and tippets to suit Southland, as well as all regions in New Zealand, from brands like Airflo, Stalker, Scientific Angler, Rio, Fujino, and Grand Max, plus add backing from standard to ultra fine braid and well, we have Kiwis spoilt for choice.

When you put those through fly rods with names like Scott, Sage, Stalker and Airflo, in fact over 200 fly rods in stock, you get to understand why it is not only the biggest retail outlet of Fly Fishing in the area, but the biggest in the country.

Yet we wouldn’t want you to get cold and wet, so we have over 150 pairs of Simms, Riverworks and Stalker waders in a variety styles and prices to suit, that match perfectly with wading boots from the same brands and you get the impression there is not much else a Kiwi Fly Fisher could want for.

Except for a multitude of choices in vests, packs and backpacks that can handle your every need, from a few hours to overnight stays.

Add specialty fly fishing raincoats and a range of shirts and trousers that would leave a menswear store looking empty, that is complimented by the largest assortment of Tonic polaroid glasses in New Zealand, plus indicators, floatants, accessories and fly fishing tools that would leave even the biggest fly fishing gear rat stumped.

Now you will notice that the Stalker name seems to keep appearing in all our ranges. Well thats because that is our own branded range of what I believe is equal to the very best fly fishing gear available. We design the range ourselves, to suit local conditions, using the same quality materials as the high profile brands. The difference is we sell direct to the fly fisher, eliminating middleman mark ups to offer the best value, highest quality range of products available in the world, guaranteed.

We also have our in-house professional guiding staff on hand that are experts in all local waterways and there to help you improve and have plenty of fun along the way and you will understand why we are so proud to call our Lumsden Southland store, Kiwi Fly Fishing.

We hope to see you in store, helping you on the phone or over our website, and look forward to making you a better Kiwi fly fisher…

Our Staff
Our friendly staff are there to help and have widespread knowledge of the area to ensure you have a brilliant experience, regardless of the timing of your adventure down South.

Your likely to bump into Trevor our store manager who has fly fished all his life and made the town his home and constantly reminds us that he has his name on the Lumsden Lawn Bowls Champions honour board, a few times!

To Matt who was a Simms expert in Auckland before deciding the rivers in Southland were a bit more fun than the motorway to work!

Our head guide Brendan, who grew up in Gore, but was raised by a brown trout on the Mataura, and with a patient manner and extensive local knowledge is the ideal person to instruct you on any Southland water for a fun and relaxed day.

Scott, who has literally fished and guided throughout the world and what I would consider the best technical fly fisher I have seen, but more importantly, he can relay that information and knowledge for a guided day that I guarantee will improve your success on the water.

Lloyd, another relaxed and comforting guide coming from a long line fly fishing family with an abundance of local knowledge and access points, you will enjoy a great day.

Eddie who is an infectious positive and enthusiastic guide that loves Southland and i’m certain could guide 24 hours a day, plus many guides that are only a call away like Mike an expert and experienced local in the mid reaches of these lowland rivers, Dean, who loves the Oreti, Murray and Colin from time to time and there is a great bank of guides that we can use to ensure you have an awesome experience in Southland New Zealand.

Lastly myself, Gavin, founder of the company and a self proclaimed sight fishing addict! Which is good in that we see every fish we target, not hope or guess there’s one there, and sort of bad in that we walk until we do! But relax… We always do, and it doesn’t take long!

So if you want the best guides in Southland to fish what we think is the best sight fishing waterways for wild trout in New Zealand, then get in contact and let us know what you want to achieve out of your day or even your week and we can match you with the perfect guide and the perfect water to suit.
I’m sure you will love the experience, improve as a fly fisher and can’t wait to do it again!