Here you will find our Warranty, Returns & Refund policy including:

  • Full Warranty Information for Fly Fishing Rods 
  • Warranty Registration Form to register your new products.
  • Refund Policy Including our 110% Refund Guarantee.
  • Information on how to make a claim.
Warranty Registration Form

Warranty registration and claims can be submitted directly via our contact us form.

How to Make a Warranty Claim

You can use the inquiry and contact form to contact us. Please include your full contact details and brief description of the problem you want to fix.

We will respond to your inquiry usually within 24/48 hours.

Your item must be sent prepaid to Hurley’s Fly Fishing Repairs 489 South Rd Bentleigh Vic 3204 Australia, and include full payment(Refer Fly Rod Warranties and costs).

The order form can be printed and mailed to pay by cheque, money order or credit card.

Warranty Claim Postage & Handling

You can use this secure payment facility to make your secure payment for the fees, insurance and freight on your warranty claim.

You will need to sign up for our newsletter to do this but you can elect not to receive newsletters if you wish.

  • Please include any relevant comments in the comments section on the order form. Change the quantity on the order form for the country you live in.
  • Please include a daytime phone contact number.
  • Someone must be able to sign for the delivery of your parcel.

Important: On the order form type ALL the information printed on the butt section, just up from the cork grip, as we need to know the correct part to send you. This will allow us to check appropriate rod part availability, especially important for old and discontinued models, prior to you sending your complete rod to us.

Your item must be sent freight prepaid to us.

The order form can be printed and mailed if you prefer to pay by cheque or money order, and include with your complete rod.

Post to Hurley’s Fly Fishing Repairs 489 South Rd Bentleigh Vic 3204 Australia 

Fly Rod Warranties

As of July 1 2011

1) All warranty concessions and claims listed below are effective for the ORIGINAL purchaser only.

2) Each claim, regardless of fault is subject to a Au$30 fee per section, plus Au$10 to cover return postage and insurance within Australia.

3) All rod components, in particular all broken sections, MUST be sent freight prepaid, to Hurley’s Fly Fishing Repairs, 489 South Rd, Bentleigh, Vic, 3204 Australia, and include a brief explanation, contact details, return postage address and payment of fees details in either cheque or credit card details.

4) No Fault Warranty covers the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship only. Periods being;

  • Glide- Lifetime
  • Aire – Lifetime
  • Explorer – 5 Years
  • Emerger – 1 Year
  • First Cast – 1 Year

Expectant wear, treatment and age are also considered during evaluation.

5) Warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear, guide wear, misuse, irregular maintenance, intentional or accidental breakage, loss or theft, customised or modified rods, incidental or consequential damage. Replacement sections required from above breakages for original owner incur the Au$30 fee per section, plus 10% of the rod cost, per section and if required, Au$10 to cover return postage and insurance within Australia.

6) At Hurley’s discretion, we will repair or replace items, in whole or part.

7) If the warranted model is no longer available, Hurley’s can substitute a comparable model.

8) Upon a genuine claim, the original owner has the option of the Stalker trade in/upgrade to a superior model. (Refer trade in options)

9) Pro-Angler appreciates the inconvenience warranty claims can impose. When returned to us using the correct procedure, we will endeavour to return rectified products within 48 hours of receipt, thus minimising excessive non fishing time.

Non Original Owner Fly Rod Warranty

1) Owners of Stalker Fly Rods, other than the original purchaser have no warranty with Hurley’s for materials, workmanship or breakages, nor do we in any form guarantee supply of replacement sections/parts. Proof of purchase may be requested.

2) Stalker Fly Rods owned through chance, gift, or by any means other than full monetary payment to Hurley’s Fly Fishing stores or their accredited dealers, are deemed to be secondary owners, and in the event of damage or breakage are liable for the fees set out in the Non Original Owner Fly Rod Warranty.  

3) Replacement sections/parts, if available, are subject to a Au$10 postage fee, plus a replacement section fee, being 25% of current or original rod cost, which ever is the lessor, per section.

4) Rods sent to Hurley’s Fly Fishing for repair, must include full contact and return delivery details. The entire rod and its components must be sent freight prepaid and enclose full payment of fees set out above.

5) The Stalker trade in/upgrade to a superior model is available, however, there is a Au$30 processing fee for non original owner upgrades.