Stalker Flex-Fit Fly Shirt


Stalker Flex-Fit Shirt

The new Stalker Flex-Fit shirts have been designed out of on-water necessity.

Sure we all like wearing shirts made from a soft material, we all like breathable material, we all like plenty of pockets, we like the ease of velcro but the safety of a zip, and we want it to stretch and move with us as we overextend ourselves out on the water…

A pipedream up until now…

As soon as you put it on you will love the feel, the side and underarms with our new flex-fit panels which allow for 22% extra movement from the fabric to movie how you move, two big fly box size Velcro pockets, two hidden zippered pockets, a double fold collar for neck sun protection, even a net holder… and you are wearing the best-designed fishing shirt in the world.

Introducing the NEW Stalker Fly Fishing Flex-Fit fishing shirts…

Available in XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL in two colours Sand/Fossil and Sky/Blue with a mid-grey Flex section

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